Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for any test, it is of great importance to have a plan. A plan helps to eliminate speed studying and cramming. Personally, I find developing a study plan ahead of time is the best approach for staying on track and ensuring that all necessary material is thoroughly covered. The first most important tip is to work ahead to eliminate any surprises. Typically, I start off by reviewing the syllabus to gain knowledge of test dates and exactly what chapters or objectives are to be expected on the test. Then, I determine how much time I have to study in between test. Based on the amount of information that is needed to be covered and the amount of time I have to cover the information, I formulate a study schedule that entails exactly what should be covered for each day. I also allot time for break days to prevent burning out. Allow me to put this in perspective for you guys. Lets say I have 3 weeks to study for a test that has three chapters. I would divide the amount of material by the amount of time, whether it be weeks or days, and come up with the amount of material that should be covered within a day. In this case, I would start off with weeks. So I have 3 weeks to cover three chapters. I would set a goal for myself to cover a chapter per week. I would then review the number of pages in a chapter and divide that by five. The resulting number is the number of pages I would cover per day. Notice I said five days instead of seven, this allots me two free days for down time. Depending on the type of material, I would focus on reading the chapters, translating the material into notes into my own words. If I experience any difficulties with understanding the material, I would reach out and utilize external resources such as tutoring or the teacher's assistance with clarification. After establishing understanding, I would then utilize tools such as flash cards and study guides to enhance my understanding. This approach is helpful with any subject.

Gabrielle from Louisiana
College Junior
Chamberlain University College of Nursing