Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests, writing, grades! ugh! Nobody likes taking tests, especially me. As a senior in high school, I have accumulated many excellent test preparation practices that have helped me receive high scores on my test. Here are some of my favorite test taking strategies.
First, before taking a test, I like to review my notes with colored utensils. I take all my notes for that assigned topic and color code specific key terms in each topic. This helps me a lot because it separates the notes and makes it more understandable.
Secondly, before taking a test, I like to take a mock test. It works for any subject. For example, biology, mathematics, history, etc. I search on the internet (subject name--practice test). And usually an online format or paper print copy pops up. I take a couple practice tests on my test topic and I become prepared so fast. If you haven't had a chance to study intensely, or need a refresher, I really recommend taking a few mock/practice tests. It is really effective and I promise after doing it, your grades will go up significantly.
Third, before taking a test, I like to listen to calming music and eat healthy snacks to keep me motivated. Listening to rap, pop, and other loud and catchy music can distract you during your studying time. Listening to instrumental/classical music helps the brain be focused and relaxed during your study session. It works for me a lot and lots of other people too! I recommend this test preparation practice a lot.
Lastly, these three excellent test preparation practices strongly improved my grades and worked positively for me. I strongly recommend these three test preparation strategies for anyone who needs help with test taking. And before I go, I would like to say," Stay calm and think positively!" "Don't worry, you got this"!

Anju from Texas
High School Senior
Hebron High School