Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me studying is something that I struggled with in my first year or two in high school. It was a lot of trial and error to figure out which studying methods worked the best for me. I struggled with learning how to study because in middle school I never had to study and it was a big adjustment for me. After some time I realized that flashcards was one of the most beneficial way to study. I prefer flash cards because it is a versatile way to study. If you want to guess the definition then look at the term side and vice versa if you want to study the terms. I feel as flashcards help me the most because of the factor of memorization that it provided. Something that I have always used in school was my good memorization skills and the flashcards let me use that to my advantage. Flashcards also help in picking out the terms in the notes and deciding what is important, which is another important skill. Once I started using flashcards I realized how much more efficient online flashcards were and it is better for the environment. I could take my flashcards anywhere simply because they were on my phone so it made my life so much easier. Some of the programs I used for the flashcards even let me set up an exam so I could do it as if I was taking the test. Another thing I do to prepare for test is just going through the notes. When I take notes I try and break it up into categories so it is more organized when I go back and look at it. I would make headings and then I would go with bullet points that fell under the heading. If I needed to go into more detail about a certain bullet point I would change the symbol and go down another line. This keeps my notes in an order that is easy to track down a subtopic by looking at the headings of each set. I also prefer to hand write my notes since physically writing the notes helps me remember what the material was from class.

Thomas from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Nazareth Area High School