Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, I can have a hard time focusing. Therefore, I usually use different study methods the week of the test. When I study, I like to have a quiet space with low music in the background. I study close to a test date because the information is fresh in my brain. I usually review notes and make flashcards. With flashcards, I’m able to summarize something significant, making it easier to remember. I usually use Quizlet for flashcard. This way, I can always easily access my flashcards for a quick study session. Quizlet also has different study modes, such as matching or naming the term for a definition. Using these methods are great for helping remember things, especially because it’s randomized. This allows me to be prepared for different formats. When things are in order while studying, I get used to that order, which the test probably won’t be in. Another helpful tool I use for test preparation is Khan Academy, which shows me videos and allows me to practice problems on a topic. This way, I can see examples, like I’m in a classroom setting, before trying problems on my own. Khan Academy also keeps track of what I struggle with the most, so I know what I should focus on. I spend more time retaining things I may need to know, before refreshing my mind on things I already know. I also like to play review games such as Kahoot or Jeopardy. Games allow me to think of answers while competing against my peers. This is very helpful because when I’m unsure about an answer, I take note of my peer’s answer to remember that’s something I may need to know. One thing I to study is my notes. This allows me to remember the way I learned something, based on how I wrote it down. I’m also able to star things I really need to remember, so when I go back, I know what to study. Therefore, I use various methods to study, which helps me be a great test taker.

Lakiyah from Maryland
High School Senior
Frederick Douglass High School