Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to study and prepare for tests is by creating and using physical flashcards. Many of my friends have told me that this is an outdated way to study, especially considering there are apps and websites such as Quizlet that create flashcards for you, but I believe making my own and using the physical cards is the most helpful for me. For one, flash cards are great because they can be used to study for all different types of tests. You can make them for vocabulary, history, or even more theoretical based assignments, you just have to know what key words or phrases to work with. Last year I used them to study for psychology and they helped me learn different case studies, parts of the brain, and all the behavioral disorders. Not only are flashcards very useful, but by making them myself I am able to increase the time I spend studying and work with the information in different ways. I am able to review the material while making the flashcards and while using them, and studies shows that writing down the information you need to learn makes it easier to memorize. So by writing out the flashcards I am better able to remember the information for my tests. Lastly, I find that flashcards are incredibly convenient. They can be used to study in groups or individually. I can take them with me when I go to school or work and look over them when I have free time, and I even have created a system to stop focusing on certain cards once I fell that I have learned them. I feel that flashcards are the most effective way for me to prepare for tests and are by far my favorite study method.

Isabela from Texas
High School Senior
Woodrow Wilson High School