Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Dyslexia has been my most significant challenge. But since it's been finally named, I can seek the tools I need to help deal with it. One of the things I struggle with most is the perception of a dyslexic. I wish it was seen more like having red hair, which ends up being only one to two percent of the population, while dyslexics, are up at around ten to fifteen percent. So, for every classroom of twenty-five there are always at least two kids struggling, whether diagnosed or not. I was lucky because I have a supportive family who helped me locate technologies like books on tape, and how to use voice-to-text technologies to write more clearly, but at the same time feel like it's a curse. Things that have helped me most with test prep are visual aids, words games (like rhymes or songs) to remember facts and studying in a group. Since notes are almost useless, talking about the content of a test with peers has helped me the most. In the real world, showing up and doing the work is at least eighty percent of success, while the other twenty is creativity and drive. So, because of this, I know that I will succeed at anything I set my mind to, higher education included, despite the dyslexia. It may take me extra time and effort, I may fall a few times while continuing to learning to walk, but I know I will succeed.

Christian from New York
High School Senior
Huntington High School