Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have my own three-step test preparation which I think is the best way to study for a test. This is a way I came up with through surviving Japanese tests, where I spent my school life up to high school. In Japan, a lot of memorization is required, so I think my method can be used in various situations.
The first step is to read the document, textbook, or whatever you want to memorize. The important point is to read it out loud. Read the whole passage several times and give your brain an image of what you are trying to put in your mind. And the clue here is to read before you go to sleep. It is said that what you read before you sleep tends to stay in you head better than when you read it during the day.
The second step is to write out what you memorized. It is said that it is good to use three parts of your body when you study. Your eyes, ears, and mouth. So while you were reading, you spoke out loud, which made you use two parts, your eyes and your mouth. Now when you write, you should also speak out loud so you can use two parts again. By writing down what you memorized, you can give information to your brain through your eyes about what you memorized.
The third point is to make a mini quiz by yourself and try working on it. You should make a quiz without looking at a textbook or whatever you are studying about. This way you can find the points you missed. Also, this way you can kind of guess how the real test will be made. You find questions that are difficult to answer, which will help you in the actual test. If you are studying with someone else, it is also fun to exchange quizzes. You can also learn competitiveness by this way.
This three-step test preparation is what I recommend the most, and is what got me through my three years in high school.

Kisa from California
College Freshman
Saint Mary's College of California