Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whether it’s pacing the room while reciting history dates or hanging upside down while memorizing formulas, people have many different study tactics, and it can sometimes take a while to figure out your personal study niche.
My study method involves a three-step process: writing, reciting, and reading. Beginning with the first step, I take my class notes and pick the points I think will be the most important for the test. Then, I categorize those points and assign a color to each category. Finally, I write down the points in their assigned colors on index cards. Using different colors helps to jog my memory during a test. When I read a question that I studied for, I can see the color in my head, which helps me to pick out and remember the answer I need.
The second step in my study method involves reading the facts aloud. I usually read them several times through, depending on how many accents I can think of to try. Yes, you heard correctly; when I read them out loud I like to read them in a different accent each time. I happen to be really good at Southern, British, and Valley Girl accents. I have also attempted Irish, Australian, and New Yorker. Reading my study material aloud in different accents really helps me to memorize it faster and more efficiently and makes studying a lot more fun.
Finally, the third step in my study method is to read the facts silently. I complete this step right before bed and usually read them about three times through. This portion helps solidify what I have studied in my memory and helps my brain continue to process the material while I am sleeping. After following this method, I can immediately recall the facts I was studying the previous night when I wake up the next morning.
While I am sure my method is not perfect and might not work for everyone, it works very well for me and covers the recommended study methods of seeing the material, writing the material, and hearing the material.

Olivia from Texas
College Sophomore
Covenant College