Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking is a skill; there is room for improvement by constant repetition and practice. However, most students fail to implement the test taking strategy while studying or preparing for examinations. The test itself is only part of the battle; test-taking requires diligence, discipline, and knowledge of the material. Creating a test-taking environment allows students to overcome external barriers and, students have the ability to succeed at a higher rate.
The test taking method implements the stressors of a test and requires a student to be honest and reflective. Upon taking a practice exam, the student will be required to truly determine if they have mastered the material. This means that they are able to answer questions carefully with a logical approach. The test taking method not only provides a real experience, but it allows the student to combat any test-taking anxiety or nervousness. Honing in on the test taking strategy can reveal external barriers that may inhibit a student’s success.
Upon completion of taking a mock exam, or practicing in a test-like environment, the student has the ability to review their results. Reviewing the mock exam reveals the material that needs to be practiced, reviewed, or clarified. Without having the pressure of teachers or professors, the student can learn skills of self-reflection and improvement, while also implementing disciplinary methods to improve their test-taking abilities. In conclusion, mock examinations resemble the environment of a test while enabling students to learn what material is unclear. The test taking method has the overall benefit of increasing the rate at which students answer questions accurately and precisely.

Alexandra from Louisiana
College Junior
Spelman College