Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way to prepare yourself for a test is to remain prepared and attentive from the beginning. Cramming isn’t nearly as effective, and the best way to conserve time and avoid cramming is to really engage oneself in class. Take notes. Ask questions. The material will always stick better when the information can be attached to easily memorable topics, like jokes, or something that may interest the student more, or even just the memory of asking that question instead of passively listening.
When it comes down to really studying, I make sure I have any of the materials given to us easily accessible. I know myself well enough that my studying will absolutely be affected if the materials aren’t readily available to me, so I try to maintain an organized backpack. I use an accordion folder to separate subjects and material within subjects. For example, if I’m having a Chapter 6 test in math, I’ll go through my math folder, take out all Chapter 6 materials and put them in a separate folder.
Finally, I like to use flashcard programs on my computer. Since I have my computer with me all the time, I can study whenever I have time in the day. Thus, maximizing the amount of time I can study for my test! Making the flashcards also help because it forces you to think about the question you should ask and the answer.
Studying for a test starts from when you are first offered the material until the time of the test. By spacing out the studying time, and being engaged in the material from the beginning, you decrease your stress, and have a solid grasp of the testing materials!

Paige from Maine
High School Senior
Lincoln Academy