Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whether we like it or not, different tests require different preparation practices. Depending on the test(s) I'm facing, I use my favorite specialized preparation practices to allow me to walk into (and hopefully out of) a test feeling confident.
When it comes to memorization and identification tests, I always use Quizlet to create online flashcards for myself. I use the "Learn" setting and rather than simply clicking on the right answer, I review all 4 of the options out loud and try to match them to the specific term or phrase if I know it. This reinforces the information so that I retain it for a longer time period. I'd be lying if I said I haven't pulled a few all-nighters in college studying for exams in this fashion, but because I spend so much time meticulously reviewing, I have no problem remembering the information for the actual exams the next day.
For tests that require the application of learned skills and information, I find I'm most successful when I do practice 'problems' or even practice exams if offered far in advance of the actual test. Not only does this provide a great refresher on topics you may have forgotten over the passage of time, but it also gives you ample time to review topics you're not so great at applying. Plus, this extra time also gives you the opportunity to ask for guidance from your instructor, who no doubt will be pleased with the effort you've put into their class.
Finally, for tests that only consist of long essays, the best preparation method depends on how much information regarding essay prompts you're given prior to the actual test. If you know all the possible prompts in advance, it's always best to take your time outlining the possible essays so that you can review them and come to the test fully prepared to write the essays. However, if you don't know your prompts in advance, it's best to combine methods from the aforementioned test styles: using flashcards to memorize information and doing practice essays.

Chase from Florida
College Freshman
Yale University