Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A test is coming! What do I do? First of all, don’t panic! I have found that having a positive and open mindset is truly important. If I think I am going to do awful, I probably will. If I think I will be successful then I will. I need to make sure that I have fun with the studying and reviewing of the materials – which I have already read, of course! Laughing, making games, even songs can be a huge help in allowing the information to settle in, be remembered, and be recalled easily. Flashcards are fun and helpful. It’s a “game” that I can play by myself or where someone else tests me. High-fives and victory dances are always encouraged. Positive self-talk is highly encouraged when there is still material that needs to be learned better. Flashcards – and saying them out loud – are excellent because they can break down complex material into concepts that are easier understood. Focus and fun is the name of the game! With a little bit of repetition, I know I am bound to succeed. Study guides and practice tests are also helpful. I like to utilize my resources and there are companies, like Mometrix, who have already done the hard part for people like me and who have created a business around student success and test preparation that empowers. I have a big test in my future: the CSET. It feels daunting! It feels huge! Yet I know that by doing the practice tests and using the study guides, as well as maintaining my positive, I am having fun doing this attitude, and using flash cards I will be successful. I must trust myself. I must trust my ability. I must trust the way in which I know how to make learning and studying fun. And I must use the resources that are available to me. In fact, this is how I found out about your company: Googling CSET study guides!

Becky from California
College Sophomore
Western Governors University