Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a High School Senior I have survived countless test and exams. As time has gone on, I have developed a test prep strategy that truly works for me. However, the following strategies all pale in comparison to the true importance of keeping pace with your classes and not allowing yourself to get behind in the content. I have found that if you do not understand the content in class then your chances of succeeding on a test are much lower. For this reason my biggest advice would be to ask questions and take advantage of your teacher's knowledge.
Furthermore, after each class I prefer to review the materials briefly so that in the future there is less work to do.
When I truly begin to prep for a test, I spend short portions of time studying rather than doing it in one chunk. This ensures I don't overload my brain.
I work best outside where my phone cannot distract me, sometimes with quiet music playing in the background. Another huge incentive for me is goal setting. I decide on the work I wish to accomplish and only allow myself a break when it is done.
In humanities based subjects I like to review my notes with a fun highlighter in hand to review all the key points from class. When preparing for literature based exams, I pick several key quotes and stick them up on sticky-notes around my house so that they are accessible to me at all times throughout the day.
In history or science, I have found that if you know key vocabulary, then you are 90% prepared for the test. In order to make sure that I am prepared I make many flashcards because as a kinesthetic learner I know that I learn best by writing. It certainly is important to know what type of learner you are so you can customize your personal studying approach appropriately..
Finally in the last evening before the test I look on YouTube for videos that explain an overview of all the content I need to remember. This means that in the test the main information is at the front of my mind.

Rose from Washington
High School Senior
Ballard High School