Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for tests has always been a personal challenge, but these last two years I have discovered a few methods facilitate my success above all others. The first method that works for me is simply reading through the whole chapter at the beginning of a study session. This enables me to grasp the main idea of the chapter before I begin breaking it down. If I don’t understand the chapter I will read through it and try to understand it in my own way. To do this, I try to find key points within the chapter that I can relate to an event or item. The second method that works for me is repetition. If we take notes during class, I will go through and find the notes in the areas I struggle with most, and I will rewrite that section either one or multiple times. Depending on how badly I struggle with the section, I sometimes rewrite the section until I have it completely memorized. This method can get tiring very quickly, but writing helps me internalize the words being conveyed through the page. The third and final method I like to use best is Quizlet. I know that a lot of teachers don’t like this website because some students abuse its usefulness by using it to cheat, but when it comes to studying, this website is amazing. I mainly use Quizlet to study vocab words because it offers many different activities that one can use to study. For example, in one activity you can read the definition and then you have to type out the word. In another activity, you can take a “quiz” over all of the words and it keeps track of the words you miss, and then it allows you to focus strictly on those words. Following Quizlet’s example of creating games out of learning, I hope to continue to find creative ways to grasp concepts to succeed in my chosen area of study. In college, I plan to experiment with many other study methods, but I will forever use the three I have talked about because they have continuously led to success in my best subjects.

Marissa from Nebraska
High School Senior
Palmyra High School