Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When someone says test preparation, immediately most people think of memorizing or last minute cramming. My test preparation is quite different because my test preparation starts the first day of the semester. The smart way to prepare for a test is to be consistent in your work throughout the semester. Building knowledge over time helps me to truly know the information instead of just memorizing it.
I am currently in nursing school and most of the work is online and accelerated, this makes my test preparation and learning different from traditional schools. I first follow recommendations from my professors about what to do to be successful in the course. If they say to read 60 pages this week in the book, I take the time to do the reading. After finishing my assignments each week I make concept maps of all the concepts that I learned, and I watch videos about the material online to get a visual learning experience. The concept maps serve as organized notes to help me remember and organize the material in my head. Nearing the end of the semester I review my concept maps and condense the material into a few pages of the most important information. I also teach my husband, classmates, or friends. I make flashcards the last few weeks of the semester so that I can review the specific details of things I may have forgotten.
This recipe of test taking practices works for me because it combines visual, aural, verbal, and physical learning styles to get the best learning experience. I know from experience that my learning style is mostly visual and that is why I watch videos, do concept maps, read, and use flashcards. I have tried doing much less test preparation and using different practices, but it hasn’t worked as well as the specific practices I have mentioned.
As you can see, my test preparation practices are a long process and it has taken me years to figure out the best way for me to learn. But my practices have proven effective in my grades and scores.
Thank you!

Erin from Utah
College Junior
Nightingale College