Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"How am I going to find time to prepare for my Exams!" This is a question college and high school students alike have faced since schools began to put more focus on testing while at the same time moving at a constantly increasing pace. In my years as a student, I have learned that one aspect of studying had stuck out to me as invaluable, especially in my move into collegiate engineering and even in classes for the fire-academy in my training to become a firefighter. I simply learned to focus on understanding the course material; While this seems like a simple solution to a complex problem, it is one that is far too often overlooked. So many students focus on sheer memorization through flashcards to re-writing, and while these techniques can be helpful for achieving a high grade on one exam, it becomes an exponentially ineffective technique when students get into higher-level college courses or experiences where important decisions need to be made quickly as I experienced in the fire service. It is these scenarios in which students that focused on deeply understanding course material thrive. These students are able to derive effective solutions to complex problems far faster than their peers. There is no shortage of ways to solve this problem, personally I do practice problems for physics and math classes, practice writing different prompts for English and history classes, and design solutions to problems for engineering classes. Although my approach will not work for everyone, which is an important thing to recognize for education in general. Although in my opinion, all students should focus primarily on their understanding of course material as opposed to sheer memorization and the subsequent purge of this information from the brain. I have found this approach to be absolutely crucial to collegiate and even real-life application scenarios.

Ben from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
Penn State Erie - Behrend