Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying has become an integral part of my life as a high school student. However, rather than viewing this event as a boorish sleep inducing method of torture, I view it as an opportunity to learn and become a better version of myself.
My first step is preparing my mind to study. I make sure to view test preparation as a positive thing and I try to excite myself about learning the topic as opposed to dreading it. If I find myself thinking that I will enjoy preparing for a test and fell happier before, during, and after the test, then I genuinely find myself being more productive.
My next step is preparing a loose schedule. In the past, I would always create a detailed schedule of when I plan to finish each topic review. If I failed to adhere to the schedule I would feel discontent and unproductive even if I initially just needed to assign myself more time for reviewing that section. Now, I schedule a loose plan for which sections I need to review in a day and how I plan to achieve those goals as opposed to strict deadlines.
With a clear schedule in hand, I move on to reviewing my material. I start with reading my text book to make sure I have my concepts down. Then I move onto class material that I was given or struggled with such as homework or quizzes. When reviewing for tests I like to focus on topics I do not understand before solidifying those I am comfortable with. This allows me to equally cover all the material when prepping for a test.
My last step is to use online sources to find practice tests and questions. This is very helpful for making sure I have learned the information and that I can apply it as well. I also love online study guides and flashcards because they help give an overview of the whole topic.
I am someone who enjoys being organized. Having a systematic approach to test preparation really allows me to excel in my academics and enjoy my time as a student. I hope to continue improving my methods to continue conquering the tests in my life.

Almas from California
High School Senior
Davis Senior High School