Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I feel that my test preparation practices work tremendously. The methods I am about to explain make me feel confident I am going to ace the test.
I do the same preparation before every test. For example, let's say I had an astronomy test coming up and I had to remember peoples names and what they did. The first thing i would do is write down all of their names on a piece of paper. Them I would go to my camera and list of all of the names I wrote down. Then I would go back to the video, and after I heard a name I would pause the video and say out loud what they did. Then I would proceed to the next name on the list. This helps me a lot because I find it better to study alone and this help me learn it a lot better, but if you like working with two people you could also have the other person just read them off.
Now the way I study math is a whole different story. This method works best for me because it motivates me to never get a question wrong. Let's say my teacher gives me a review to study and do before the test. I would call on of my friends to study with me and compare answers. We would both work the same question at the same time, and if one of us got it wrong we would have to do push-ups. That isn't all though. For every question you get wrong you add five push-ups. For example, if I missed the very first question I would have five push-ups. Then, if I turn around and miss the second question I would have ten push-ups, and that would go on till we are finished. I'm pretty sure you can see why none of us wanted to get a question wrong.
These methods make me much more confident going into a test, and overall they are pretty good strategies. These help me because I know the way I learn. I am a more auditory and physical learner. I have to be into the learning experience, almost like a video game. I really have to engulf myself into the learning process in order to soak up all of the information. Those are my test taking strategies, and that is how they work.

Michael from Texas
High School Senior
Joshua High School