Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a girl who has consistently feared every single test I have has gone into, I am here to express my study habits not only to prepare for academic success but also mental health preparation. Testing anxiety is extremely common amongst many students, although many haven't mastered the art to diminishing the anxiety. The night before an exam I meditate for 15 minutes at minimum. This helps my body de-stress and prepare to focus during the course of the test. Mediating is clinically proven to reduce anxiety which can lead to better test scores. Over my many years of being a student, I have had to learn the practice of time management. Procrastinating hurt my test scores over and over again, until I learned the magic of moderation. Once I knew the date of a test I immediately mark it in my calendar and pull out the supplies I need to study. That same day I set an timer for 25 minutes after school to either make note cards or prepare a study guide to be my guide for success. Each day after that, an alarm is set for 30 minutes and I go over the "cheat sheets" I make in a variety of different ways. Some ways include, friends or family testing me, speaking it out loud or writing the questions and answered down repetitiely until I have it done. This helps my brain connect to the correct answers easier and with less stress. I have found that in my past four years of high school, once I perfected this test preparation habit my grades have improved drastically.

Paige from Arizona
High School Senior
Desert Mountain High School