Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

High school is a wonderful four years where children are able to mature into young adults. These students are able to discover themselves and develop into a diverse student body on many levels. Something that binds us together, however, is overcoming the struggle and stress of tests. Whether we like it or not, tests play an enormous role on our high school career and our future. A key element in the survival of students like myself is the ability to find our own best methods of test preparation.

One method that helps me a lot is writing my notes down on paper. Typing notes is faster and easier to organize, but it is much harder for me to study from them before taking a big test. Writing notes helps me to think about each word that I write and how they go together, and I’m able to memorize a wider scale of information. It may be a bit old school in this modern world, but I find that technology is not the answer for everything.

High schoolers often take for granted how far they can get with as little sleep as possible and overlook the benefits of getting a decent rest. But when I’m well rested, I have a smooth morning and a clear mind, which helps me to focus on the task at hand. It’s easy to get lost in the rush of life, but a little self care can go a long way.

Who said studying had to be boring? Before our quizzes, my government teacher lets us play a game of Trashball, where if we answer a question correctly, we get to shoot a ball into a trash bin. When the quiz comes around, I find that I’m able to recall information that I learned just by playing that review game. I really enjoy this method of preparation, and I hope to continue this with friends when I move to college.

Different types of test preparation work for different people. I am glad I have found a few ways that benefit me and have helped me to leave high school with a high GPA and a good start on earning college credits. Hopefully others can find what works best for them as well.

Noah from Arizona
High School Senior
Cibola High School