Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been one to stress and worry about a test, no matter what it is for, or how big the test may be. This especially when it comes to something I take very seriously - such as my education. Therefore, when it comes to test preparation, there are a few vital steps I consider to be vital in this process for me. So, listen up! As simple as this may be, flash cards are my lifeline when it comes to tests, and I think a lot of times, something as simple as flashcards is underestimated. I don’t do the typical with them. The most helpful step with flash cards for me is to put both the word and definition, or the question and answer on the same side of the index card and post them in places I am often. Whether that be in the bathroom on the mirror, in my car, or on a kitchen cabinet, this way I am visually seeing what I need to study in several places. This lessens the cramming of information all at one sitting. After reviewing the flashcards in different places over the course of a couple days, I will then review them all at once. Subsequently, I will then either make a game out of them, have someone quiz me on them, and or re-write them for muscle memory. Now, I am a busy person, and because of that this process is especially helpful. I may not always have the time for this step, but if I can find a small pocket of time to complete this, I will color code my flash cards in relation to what it is I am studying. As I said earlier, this may be a small task and it may be a process that is not super rare, however this is something I live by when it comes to tests.

Megan from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona