Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before studying for tests in particular, the first priority is having good note taking tactics. It is vital for not only me but through studies that writing by hand is the best way to absorb and contain information. In addition to notes, understanding principles and concepts helps with remembering things in the long run rather than trying to remember words on a page. In the end of it, people who study for a good grade on a test and just memorizing words lose out on the true purpose of learning when one ultimately tries to understand material. Correspondingly, I always make sure my notes or anything that will aid in the test preparation process is organized; having things in order is always an advantage in any part of life. Another tactic is knowing what will be on the net itself. That is why I always stay after class or ask the teacher or professor what will ultimately be included on the exams. It cuts off a lot of time and effort when you know what you must focus on in preparation for the test rather than having to cram more information that needed. On top of that, it is always advantageous to practice the concepts and apply the concepts to real world things. It helps with remembering material in the end. Especially in the science and math department, it is beneficial to apply formulas and processes with actual problems rather than just memorizing numbers and letters and not knowing how to utilize them when it comes to the real test. Lastly, always make sure to not procrastinate. It may sound cliche, but I have learned from the past the working under pressure and trying to rush myself never works out in the end compared to studying without any restraints. While it is the tendency for one people to be lazy until it is truly necessary to prepare for an exam, people need to rejoice in the challenges ahead of them and utilize their time wisely especially if these tests could change the future of someone's path towards their career and overall goals.

Matthew from Arizona
High School Senior
Benjamin Franklin Charter High School