Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Although many people are in college and are constantly working on papers, reports, and exams, many do not have good habits for test preparation. I have seen this in high school and college classes, leading me to find good test preparation habits.

The first habit is to constantly review your notes. Your notes are a way to see the material you went through and what is important for the test. Although some professors will give minor notes or study guides, most of these will only give a basic outline and not what concepts or techniques you need to review. This habit has helped improve my grades and help me relax before the test.

The next good study habit is to study with and without a group. Although a study group can help understand or learn certain concepts, it is also very easy to become distracted and not focus on what is needed. If you study alone, you can review what you know, look over notes, and understand the concepts quickly. I have found that when I study with a group and then by myself, it is easier to learn what is needed and not focus on needless concepts.

The next study habit I have is to talk to the professor about the concepts. Although most professors will not tell you what is on the test, you can go to the professor, ask questions about the concepts, and see if you are correct in your understanding. By reviewing with the professor, you can find out if you understand the material correctly or if you need to review the concept differently. Whenever I have visited professors, they have been kind to review concepts with me and give advice on what to review for the test.

My last study habit is to not study fifteen minutes before the test. Over studying is real and can lead to forgetting or misunderstanding important concepts right before tests. This can lead to students answering questions incorrectly or spending too much time on certain questions. By not studying and relaxing before the test, it is easier to do the test and not forget concepts.

Philip from Arizona
College Sophomore
Grand Canyon University