Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my recent college career I have found flashcards to work the best for me when preparing for a test. My study preparation has been a trial and error process for years before. I usually start preparing for a test two to three days before a test depending on how comfortable I feel about the material. I first look at a test review and find the page numbers that correlate to the information. This takes place usually the day before I start my flash cards because it makes creating the flashcards easier. I usually study in the lobby of my dorm or in the library. I begin making my flashcards usually the day before a test. I break everything down into pieces. I like to be prepared for anything, so one question might have two or more flashcards. After I finish making the flash cards, I go through them about 4 times before I head to my room. While laying down, I turn on my desk lamp and review my flashcards one last time for going to sleep. When I wake up, I review the flash cards again before getting ready for class. While walking to class, I listen to classical music and review my flashcards. Classical music helps you remember information because it is not too busy. When I sit down to take the test, I say a prayer to help encourage me during the test.
I believe this process works best for me because I am a kinesthetic learning. When I write the information on the flashcards I remember more information than just reading it. Flashcards helps you utilize your hippocampus where memories are stored. The main goal of studying is to move information from short term memory to long term memory. My studying process also works because it include a lot of repetition and review. This process has helped me study for any subject that I have taken thus far.

Robyne from Texas
College Junior
Houston Baptist University