Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practices are directly related to how one learns. There are many different types of learners. A few examples of different types of learners are an accelerated learner, a hands-on learner, an overachiever learner, a sound learner, an unmotivated learner, and a maverick learner. Each learner has a different studying strategy which helps them succeed.
I find that I am an overachiever learner. An overachiever learner is someone that can be intimidated by standardized tests. I am definitely intimidated, for example, by the ACT. Overachiever learners are usually excellent note learners meaning they have the ability to gather the information and memorize it. When it comes to tests in high school, I excel at memorizing the information and I am able to score well on the tests. My strategy is that I take a lot of notes in class and for homework I make flashcards of my notes the same day. Then I study my flashcards over and over again until I have them fully memorized. Finally, I will have someone “call out” my flashcards and I provide the answers. This is the method that has been working for me ever since I started taking test.
On the other hand, whenever I take a standardized test like the ACT, I do not perform well. I cannot apply my study strategy for a test that is based on cumulative knowledge and is very broad in the amount of information contained in the test. Therefore, my memorizing flashcards strategy does not help much. I have to apply a different strategy. When it comes to studying for a standardized test, I attend tutoring sessions and I take many online practice tests. Once I complete a practice test, I go back and review all of the wrong answers.
In conclusion, every person has different studying mechanisms. I believe that I have the best studying strategies for overachiever learners like myself. The proof is in the success I have had on tests. I also encourage other learners to find their own studying strategies.

Alison from Louisiana
High School Senior
Covenant Christian Academy