Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I have a big exam coming up I try to make
mnemonic to help me remember certain things and I review with a friend. Recently with AP exams taking place I have used both ways and have made me feel better about the outcome.
For AP Psychology I had a teammate to study with that morning. First we quickly quizzed each other on concepts and vocabulary during our run the day before, then that morning we went though the concepts we didn't understand. We came up with different ways to remember things such as HAS for the small bones within the auditory canal and pairing parasympathetic with paralysis to describe being calm.
For AP Calculus I remember the formulas by tapping my leg every time I practiced them aloud. This process helps my brain recall when I tap my leg in the same area because the formulas come to be quickly. I also remember them through stories my teacher had told us. He usually tells a story before a lecture. This helps because when I think of the story I remember the lecture that came after.
In general just not stressing and resting helps me before exams. I have learned to trust in myself and this gives me the confidence I need to walk in the room with the right mindset. When you worry you tend to doubt yourself and this leads to you not being able to retrieve information you do know or doubt the your work. Relaxing allows for you to unwind thus giving you the ability to think clearly and finish the test with little doubt.

Candice from California
High School Senior
Robert A. Millikan High School