Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is the key to a successful student. I discovered the key to test preparation while attending my current school Western Governors University. While taking the most challenging class for me (a government class) I began to find ways to improve my memory retention for challenging concepts.
As I would watch a prerecorded seminar or cohort I would write down key information with a description or definition below, either pointed out by the teacher, what I felt I needed to remember based on the study guide or key concepts which I was struggling on. After pausing the video what felt like thousands of times to ensure I was writing the correct notes, I would then go back and replay the whole seminar from start to finish. Using my notes I would highlight while reading and rewrite information I needed to continue to study because I would not feel one hundred percent ready to test on.
Creating this notetaking system helped to burn into my brain important court cases, the check and balances system, and political parties for recalling any time which I will never forget, especially in taking my tests.

Monica from Washington
College Sophomore
Western Governors University