Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

What stereotypes depict as a place where first love starts or is also a place to isolate yourself and be productive. The cafe located on every block of a busy city either packed or desolated has a lingering scent of faint coffee enough to wake you up and get you working. Similar to a gym, where the hardest part is getting there, once at the cafe the environment of diligent students, aspiring authors, movie writers, or even grandparents writing holiday letters to their grandkids is enough to do what needs to get done. Studies have shown the individuals in a surrounding environment will subconsciously create the sense to mimic their behavior. At a biological level, we are prone to “go with the flow” and in this case, the flow is where we want to be. There is little to no distractions to deter you from studying or working and procrastination only the product of your own demise. With every cafe, the professionally brewed coffee, or for those who aren’t a fan of coffee, tea, is a stimulant that promotes studying and improve acuity. In addition, cafes allow you to study together with acquaintances or friends. Working with company helps with review, practice, and mental support. A UC Davis study researched the effects of a cup of joe with coworkers and supports the idea of teamwork through caffeine. Their conclusion proved”: drinking moderate amounts can enhance your performance working in teams and boost your perceptions of others in group activities”. Whether afterschool or on the weekends, studying or doing work in a cafe not only proves to increase the effective rate of doing work but enhances bonds and relationships.

Xander from New York
High School Senior
Bronx High School of Science