Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Repetition has served as an asset for me during test preparation. Spaced repetition in specific is my chosen method of test prep. When new concepts are introduced to me, whatever the subject, I use this method to help reaffirm and firmly grasp concepts. It seems like such a simple solution but some of the most intense teachers at my high school were “old school” and used this method. They turned out to be some of the most effective teachers for the students they served. These teachers believed in simply writing concepts down to promote memorization and to work through ideas. You know, the pencil and paper type that doesn’t want to do a lot with technology.

I learned that when I was able to practice an idea, or speech, or concept several times over I was able to remember steps and ideas easier. I do this from the time that I know a test is headed my way! It also helps for me to do some prep and walk away for a day or so to allow the concepts take hold. With the advancements of technology and online tools this process has become a lot easier to put into action. So while I am not opposed to using paper and pencil, which I do often, I occasionally use online tools to help in the process. These online tools allow me to create flashcards and/or quizzes to create instruments specific to the concepts that I need to retain at a particular time, which is awesome! I use these tools because they are easy to create and are easily transported. I have access from my cell phone, which is always with me, and I can run drills on the fly. When faced with complicated Mathematics concepts that require computation, I revert back to the methods that teachers have used for years and years, paper and pencil most times but I have found sites that will provide step by step computations for viewing as well.

Ashay from South Carolina
High School Senior
The High School for Health Professions