Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having trouble with studying for a big exam or test. There are two method that I believe can help you pass those test. These methods include a website call Quizlet.com and Flashcards. Quizlet is a cite to where students can make study guides in different ways. However, people do not have any electric devices or internet. Flashcards help a lot when you just have a pencil and paper. Let us begin with Quizlet.com. When you make an account on Quizlet, you can make or search study guides for your test. By making your own study guides, you are warming up your brain with the information. Then once you finish making the guide then it gives you a few different ways on how to study. Such as learning, spelling, writing, flashcards, matching, mini test, and a game as well. It helps you find the right systems of techniques to pass an exam. On the other hand, some people do not have access to the internet or electronics. Flashcards can help with these people and their type of lifestyle. On one side of the flash card will be the question and on the other side will be the answer to that question. Then you can shuffle the cards so that you can know each question and their answer like the back of your hand. Shuffling the cards helps people not just know the answers in order, it helps them actually know the question and the answer to it. As the questions pop up on your test you will know it in an instant. In conclusion, I believe that the two main methods to prepare you for a test or exam are Quizlet and flashcards. Both ways do not just help you study but, it also helps you recap on what you learned. The knowledge is then stuck in your brain. As people say once you know how to ride a bike you never forget how to. now you have no more worries in the world about failing a test or exam in your class. These methods are used by multiple people from spelling words to certifications in careers.

Mercedes from Texas
High School Senior
Ellsion High School