Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being in a good state of mind and body enables you to concentrate on your test and only your test. The other trivialities of life are put aside when the importance of every test is made clear in your mind.

Sometimes, when you haven’t had a good sleep or a nutritious and healthy meal, the makings of an able-bodied person, your lethargic body fails you, causing your responses to the test being inadequate, even though you stayed up at night revising. So instead of panicking about having not studied enough, eat a good meal, have a shower and go to sleep. Being awake and worrying about a single test leads your brain to map out outrageous scenarios that only create distress.

Revision the day before should strictly not be done using a textbook. The text is so enormous you wouldn’t know where to begin; again, you will end up worrying about the amount of work and not get anything done. In lieu of these tomes of texts, revise the day you study the topic for the first time and make flash cards a week after that. This “double” revision aids in keeping the content in your mind for a long time. Additionally, on the day before the test you have a treasure: manageable information—the flash cards—that you can revise in appropriate time.

Study the material as if you’re going to teach it the next day. This helps you to look at all the different cases concerning a topic, all the various points of views that you need to address because these “people” that you are teaching could ask you loads and any kind of questions. You need to have an arsenal of information with you.

Lastly, always, always clear up any doubts you have about the topics with your professor well in advance of any test you might take. They’re your biggest ally since they have been going through that material for years to come and they can field any questions that you have. If they can’t, you’ll be glad that you asked them well before the test, so that they can take a bit of time to give you the correct answer.

Mugdha from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona