Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It took me many years to hone my test preparation and study skills for exams. I tried all the suggested methods; flashcards, repetition, reading the textbook, studying the slides, YouTube videos, taking notes on my computer, taking notes on paper, diagrams, pictures, etc., etc. It was not until I started working on prerequisites for nursing school that everything finally clicked into place. I needed to combine some of these skills and not rely on one single method for test preparation. I start off my study style by printing off any class notes or PowerPoints. This allows me to follow along in class without having to focus just on what the teacher is reading off the slide. I am able to draw my own diagrams and take any additional notes the teacher might mention. After class, I rewrite the notes in my own hand and integrate any new information from class. As the test approaches, I create study guides using the course or chapter objectives. This creates an unofficial study guide that outlines all the information that I need to know. Using my handwritten notes, I fill out the study guide with as much information as possible. My final step for test preparation is to use the study guide as a form of flash cards to run through all the needed information quickly and thoroughly. This method has resulted in an increased GPA and admission to my dream school for a nursing career.

Nicole from Colorado
College Sophomore
Colorado State University-Pueblo