Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The worst thing a student could ever hear come from a teacher is that there will be a test at the end of the week. Nobody likes to take test because with or without the help of the teacher, the student has to find ways of preparing themselves, and what always seems to do the trick? Studying.
I have been in school for about thirteen years now and still plan on adding on to those years. However, throughout these years, I have always studied in multiple ways until I finally found the groove of where I tend to remember more of the material. This groove consists of me doing repetition of studying notes and hand written notes.
The true possible way of mastering a test is repetition. Looking at the notes once will not make the cut. I love to do repetition because over time I can recite the study guide in my head without ever looking at the paper which provides evidence that I am ready for anything. Another way of getting more reps is if I write the notes whether they are flash cards or on a sheet of notebook paper. For some odd reason, the way I see writing notes is that it gives me a second processing stage to help engrave it in my brain. For example, if notes were written on the board or handed out to me, I would still consider at writing them again. Even in college, I am still going to hand write my notes because I remember things way easier than typing them or just having given notes from the teacher. Plus, I do not want to change things up. I have finally found studying habits that make me successful in academics.
Everyone has their own unique way of preparing for test. The solution to it all is that if it helps you at remembering, then continue using it; however, if it backfires, then there are always other techniques at studying.

Katherine from Texas
High School Senior
Brazos High School