Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Good test preparation strategies start with forming good study habits. Keeping up with your course’s agenda by attending classes regularly, staying on top of the readings, and taking the proper notes can really help in the long run. If you assign sixty to ninety minutes for five or six days a week towards focusing on the subject you are about to test for ahead of time, this should assist you with better outcomes of your scores. Avoid cramming at the last minute at all costs. Cramming materials can only set you up for failure due to the fact that the shorter amount of time you leave yourself to study the necessary material, the less likely you are to actually retain the material which can leave you with poor results and no one wants that. When studying for a test try to complete a mock test that mimics the material that is supposed to be covered on the test. This can help get you familiar with the material and well prepped for the upcoming test. Reviewing the assigned homework, quizzes, and notes leading up to the test can be used to create the perfect study guide. Also, when studying avoid multi-tasking. Multi-tasking can cause distractions that may cause you to misinterpret or stumble over what was supposed to be understood. When studying and for some reason you don’t understand a topic, try doing outside research on the topic, tutoring, or forming a study group. Using other students’ resources of the same material and getting additional help can help you gain a better understanding of the material. If those extra outlets for studying doesn’t work, try reaching out to your professor for clarity. Another way to enhance your understanding of material could be to find ways to apply the materials from class to your personal interests, societal problems, issues raised in other classes, or different life experiences. Making a relatable connection between materials learned in the classroom to real life situations can make a difference in understanding the concepts.

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