Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Traditional ways of studying have never really worked with me, and I’ve tried it all, from using flashcards to remind myself of key terms to taking nearly perfect c-notes. My mind just doesn't cooperate with me. The day of testing I realize all the countless hours of reading textbooks and memorizing vocabulary are for nothing.

So one day as I was skimming through the internet trying to find yet again another method of studying I landed upon a website that was headlined “6 creative ways to study” well I thought “I’m going to click on it even though I know it's probably a scam and not going to work” as I began reading I came upon an unusual method that said “Turn Your Facts Into Songs!” I know it sounds dumb and honestly like a waste of time and energy but trust me, this basically saved me in chemistry. I thought why not? What do I have to lose? I first started with the periodic table, in which we had to memorize the first few elements, now when I say this song stuck with me throughout the next few weeks I memorized it, I mean it (I did not write this song its on YouTube), I’ll give you the first line “there's hydrogen and helium, then lithium beryllium, boron carbon everywhere nitrogen all through the air, with oxygen so you could breathe and fluorine for your pretty teeth neon to light up signs and sodium for salty times” I couldn't stop humming this as I was taking the test, my peers around me were looking at me weird and were probably thinking that I was crazy but it was well worth it. For obvious reasons it would be difficult to memorize every little detail of information but if you can make it rhyme and keep it short it works! I turned equations for math class, into short but catchy phrases, some I had to come up with, others I could find on the internet like the quadratic formula song.

This technique has helped me pass tests, memorize vocabulary, equations, and other important information. If you're looking for a quirky way to study I would give this a try.

Yaneli from Washington
High School Senior
Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies