Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It is interesting to see two students study for the same amount of time and see one of the two get a far superior grade. What is the thriving student doing right? How does this successful student properly immerse their mind in four-hour study sessions? The secret lies in the student’s pre-studying rituals. Some students might turn on a specific study light in order to get them in the right studying mindset. Others might do something more specific such as eating three Chunky Chocolate Chips Ahoy cookies before their session begins. No matter how strange these habits may be, they help the student control the brain and prevent procrastination.
Considering that most successful people such as NBA players and Mark Zuckerberg have rituals, I have my own. Similar to the way an NFL player may perform his rituals right before a game, I like to listen to motivational videos while drinking my “preparation coffee” right before I begin studying. While listening to these motivational videos, I feel as though nothing can stop me from getting an A on my exam. I feel this inexplicable surge of motivation to study my hardest in order to produce the best possible exam grade. They make me feel as though I can flip through thousands of flash cards and PowerPoint presentation slides. For hours, I can high light, read, and test myself while absorbing every piece of information. Looking back on this, I realize that it would be difficult to study for so long if I did not have a routine that would mark the start of my studying. After studying relentlessly for years, I know that I am a successful student because I have become comfortable with my studying habits and rituals.

Mariela from California
College Freshman
Claremont McKenna College