Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation tip is in the form of a handy abbreviation: S.I.T. So, the first thing this phrase should remind you to do is sit down somewhere quiet where you can focus and prepare for your test or quiz.
The S stands for Say it. Saying concepts out loud and multiple times is proven to help one remember information better because our brains like repetition and having more than one sense associated with information. So, if you are speaking the words into existence and you are hearing it over and over again then you are more likely to remember it.
Next, Intently understand it. reading something passively and without purpose serves no purpose. You have to consciously and intently read and make an attempt to understand what you are reading so that it can process in your head. Focus on understanding each element of a concept individually and then put it all together so that you have more control and confidence in whatever you are learning.
Lastly, Teach it! This may seem weird but how do you think teachers are so good at what they do? They have to understand the concept so well that they are capable of teaching it to someone else in a way that makes sense to another person. If you can teach it to one of your siblings, a parent, or even a stuffed animal then you are truly a master of the material.
So, SIT down and relax, you got this! And remember: Say it, Intently understand it, and Teach it!

Rachel from Texas
High School Senior
Ursuline Academy of Dallas