Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Growing up, I have been able to maintain great grade point averages. From Preschool all the way to a junior in college, I have received one B in all those years. My first B came in my freshman year of college, due to a missed test on behalf of an online class miscommunication. So, I would say my test prep practices have proved quite worthy to my success. To start, I am a student athlete, thus making studying time difficult to come by for most students in my situation. The fact that I continue to make time for my studies in order to maintain an A average shows my practices are successful. I like to take notes in class, which I will use to begin my test prep when the time comes. After becoming comfortable with the concepts, I like to find practice. Being a business major, it is easy to find practice questions. Usually a teacher will provide worthy study material like practice tests and other things. Besides those two aspects, I like to find videos which cover the concepts I am being tested over. I believe an outside source of knowledge on certain subjects can prove very helpful. These are the three main pillars of test prep for me. They seemed to have done me well up to this point. Thank you for your time, I hope to make an impact on your judging.

Luke from Oklahoma
College Junior
University of Oklahoma