Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Organic chemistry is a difficult subject to master for everyone, yet I was able to gain a deep understanding of it this semester. The only way to navigate through a difficult exam or an entire subject is to prepare properly. I believe the most successful way to prepare for a test is to plan out the time you have. I would never be able to learn the material for an exam the night before in a sleep deprived state. Therefore, I start studying for exams a week or a week and a half before the exam date. Every night I spend an hour or two looking over materials and doing practice problems. I read through all of my notes and make sure I have a good understanding of every concept. Every night I study I am able to cement the understanding I have of these concepts. By spreading out the studying over many nights I prevent myself from becoming overloaded with material and forgetting important details. Another skill I have learned is to arrive to class fifteen minutes early and look over my notes from the classes before. This allows me to pick up right from where I left off. The concepts flow together more smoothly and allow the material to blend into an understanding of the entire subject. One last method I have used to prepare for an exam is flashcards. If I make flashcards for a subject, then it is easy to study a little bit every day. While I am eating my breakfast I will study the flashcards or while I am riding the sunlink to class. These methods allow me to completely understand the subject I am studying and to always be prepared for a test.

Bridget from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona