Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Study and test preparation have been drilled into the minds of students for every day of our lives. There are millions of techniques out there, but not all methods work for every student. Finding the best test preparation takes trial and error to find what works best for you. Whether it's flashcards or writing everything down, I am here to tell you what test preparation works best for me. When preparing for an exam, the first thing I do is know the layout of the test for a specific class. For example, my English teacher tested us on concepts so using flashcards to remember terms did not help me succeed on that test while my psychology professor tested us with multiple choice questions that came directly from the textbook, so flashcards were helpful. Once you know what type of test you are preparing for the technique to use should come easy. Another way to prepare for a test is to study five days ahead of the test. In those five days, I study chapter by chapter so that the night before the test I am not having a mental breakdown trying to cram just to get a passing grade. Before I get into my holy grail tip, knowing where you have failed in other test is a smart way to succeed on a future test. If I took a test and saw that I lost the most points on my short responses or essays, then I know when studying for the next test I need to work on my writing skills and connecting ideas. Lastly, this is my foolproof way of preparing for a test that does not even require you to know how a professor will evaluate their students. Every day I take the notes I took in class and make questions that I think my professor would ask. I write some short answer questions, true and false, and multiple choice. I do not make these easy either because the harder the questions are, the better prepared I am for the test. Using this technique you not only continually test yourself on the material, so it is recent, but you are retaining information so that by the time finals come I have a vast majority of questions to study from that will help me be prepared for the test and make that A.

Destini from Louisiana
College Sophomore
Xavier University of Louisiana