Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

SAT. The standardized test that most graduating high-schoolers dread. After taking my first one in August of my junior year and not reaching my goal score, I knew I would have to put time and effort into studying. After purchasing many SAT prep books, I began feeling stressed as the thick stack of books only overwhelmed me. I knew I needed to take another approach to succeed. Feverishly, I searched online and found a study guide with similar questions found in my textbooks. Having these questions formatted differently made starting to study less intimidating and gave me hope.
As a visual learner, it was important for me to create physical study plans that I could pin up or tape to my door with a list of questions to complete each day. I devoted 45 minutes to distraction free SAT studying every day and completed full length practice tests every other weekend for 5 months. As I became more comfortable with the online practice, I began tackling the prep books one-by-one. I set a fixed number of pages to complete each day and kept track using a color-coded calendar. I divided up topics and made sure to focus on each one for an equal amount weekly to ensure nothing was left out. After endless hours of studying, it came time to take the test once again.
This time, I walked out feeling completely opposite to the previous time. I knew, even before having received my score, that my studying had paid off. There’s no better feeling than working strenuously towards something and achieving it. About a month later, when scores were released, I eagerly logged on and was ready to see how much those study days had paid off. In awe, I gazed at the screen displaying my score that had increased over 300 points. This was made possible by using several different mediums and study tactics to stay on track with daily practice. Those 300 points turned into a full tuition paid scholarship, Bright Futures. Consistency, perseverance, and dedication helped me conquer and achieve my goals.

Raquel from Florida
High School Senior
College Academy at Broward College