Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My succeed on final exams by blocking out the Sunday before the Monday of finals week—I prepare to have a full day of nothing but studying. I throw my overstuffed Disney World backpack on my bed and rifle through it, gathering all the various notes, papers, and handouts that I filled folders with during the semester. Sheets of paper fan out over my room in messy piles as I fire up Petra, my laptop, and make Quizlets for all of my classes (with the exception of math; for math, I go through the book and my notes, rewriting all of the examples. Sometimes I will make flashcards if I truly do not understand a concept, but generally I can look over quizzes and examples with success). I prefer not to study in bits and pieces over several weeks, as I have other projects or essays that are more pressing. That being said, I will make some Quizlets the week before, rather than having to make every class’s Quizlet on the day of.
I have trouble trying to focus and have to go through some difficulty to study well--difficulties that include a white-walled room downstairs, my phone nestled in my bedroom upstairs, and closed blinds, curtains, and doors, to name a few. As much as I adore reading, I am easily distracted when it comes to rereading notes and textbooks. My thoughts wander, my eyes stray to other websites (usually Wikipedia on an inconsequential quest for knowledge), and random bursts of poetic inspiration invite distraction. Therefore a website that forces me to actively participate in studying and gives me some sort of incentive (there is a special rush of success that comes with finally learning “100%” of the material) works well for my flittering thoughts. By creating the Quizlet, I reinforce the material I then study for an hour or more. I type furiously, always striving towards the sometimes elusive 100%. Eventually, I learn everything I need for my various finals and can sleep happily without the stress-induced insomnia that can plague me during the school year.

Devon from Texas
High School Senior
First Baptist Christian Academy