Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for an upcoming exam, I use Quizlet, an online flashcard website which allows me to do a variety of things, such as test my knowledge, generate mock exams, and set study reminder dates. I have been using Quizlet since high school. This made preparing for exams at the collegiate level easier and has proven to propel me to being highly successful in my academics. Quizlet also allows me to make flashcards and categorize them by class. For example, I have a Quizlet folder dedicated to my Chinese classes and another folder dedicated to my sociology classes. I can also add pictures, graphs and my own voice to serve as mental prompters during exams. When I use Quizlet for my Chinese classes, I make the words in Chinese and the definitions in English. It’s handy because I can use the application on my phone and laptop to make studying more effective. It is the best! Using Quizlet is a way of life that serves as a great tool for achieving your goals.

Nile from Missouri
College Sophomore
Iowa State University