Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Why are you studying now, the exam is three weeks from now?" This is what I usually hear when parting ways with my friends after class as I walk off to the library. Little do my friends know that this is part of my test preparation strategy for doing well on an exam. The three test preparation tips I live by, I hope others can benefit from as well.

My first tip is the most generic advice, yet it seems the hardest to follow ... do no procrastinate. I have heard this endless times but it is one of those lessons you must learn from experience to confirm what everyone has told you is true. In my experience, it took trying to pull an all-nighter for my AP human geography exam, freshman year of high school, to learn this lesson.

After barely passing my AP exam, I have made it a habit to create a study plan for all my exams. The moment I know the date of an upcoming exam, I grab my red pen and note it in my planner. I then elaborate my study plan by planning the topics I need to cover each week.

Like any student, I have hesitated asking questions because of the fear that I am asking a "dumb question." I have learned that asking questions is necessary to filling in the missing gaps that can help you achieve a higher exam grade.

My last tip is to stay healthy. You can boost your test preparation and exam performance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This entails getting sufficient sleep and exercise, eating healthy foods, taking study breaks, and making time for activities you enjoy. I always remind myself that putting my health first is the key to success and good grades!

Avoiding procrastination, asking for help, and staying healthy are all test preparation strategies that any student can rely on to receive the test scores they want. These strategies have become habits for me and I can attest they have served me well as an accounting major. By adopting these strategies, I know other students will be just as happy with the results.

Juliana from Florida
College Junior
University of Florida