Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I find the best ways to study for a test are rewriting my notes, color coding them and thinking of mnemonic devices to help me remember certain things. Additionally, I use study problems to practice applying my knowledge to ensure that I have mastered the concepts and can apply them confidently.
Color coding notes is helpful to me as it allows me to visualize my notes so I can draw out that knowledge when I require it. Colors create more of an impact on your eyes, subsequently causing your brain to focus more on the information than it would if the topics being presented were just in black and white. This helps me retain the information that I am studying quicker than alternative methods. Similarly, creating mnemonics helps me when studying as they assist me in memorizing topics in a way that is efficient for me to recall things quickly.
Rewriting my notes is efficient, as it assists me in absorbing the knowledge further so I gain a deeper level of understanding. It is proven that you learn information quicker the second time you learn it, so I use rewriting as a way to relearn the information that I need. I also make sure to rephrase my original notes into my own words and reorganize them to memorize and comprehend topics better.
Practice problems are a key part of my studying process as they permit me to apply my knowledge to situations that I may encounter. This strategy helps me test my knowledge to ensure that I fully grasp the topics I am studying. If I am able to do the practice problems without notes, then I know that I have fully grasped the topics, and if I am unable to do them without notes then I go back to my notes and try again until I am confident in my abilities.
Overall, I use color coding and acronyms to memorize topics, rewriting to help me completely learn the topics and practice problems to certify that I know how to apply my knowledge. I find that these are all highly effective study methods that aid me in grasping the subjects I am learning

Anna from Michigan
High School Senior
Novi High School