Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is talked about often among students and mastered by few. There is no exact formula to a perfect study because each student learns in their own individual way. For me, I have slowly learned what methods work best for me and how to help myself succeed to the highest level I am capable of.
To start with, and I think this applies to all students, the best way to be prepared for a test is to pay attention in class. There is a noticeable difference in my testing scores when I am not focused to when I am taking clear notes and participating in class, most often by answering questions asked by the teacher. Besides working hard in class, doing homework is a huge factor in succeeding. Homework is assigned for a reason and for me, doing it diligently every single night reinforces the learning and helps me to remember it better.
Often times in class, because I have been following the guidelines mentioned above, many of my classmates seek me out for help on assignments and test preparation. Not only do I help them because I want to see them succeed also, but because teaching others is one of the fastest and easiest ways for me to begin to have a deeper understanding of the material I am learning. This understanding, that is not simply memorization, plays a large factor in my success on tests as I am able to use critical thinking and application instead of memorized words that I have no grasp of. Not only will this help me on tests, but also in real life when I need to use this material again.
Lastly, in order to succeed on tests I rely on a solid set of index cards to check my skills. Most often I prefer to make these myself as writing them helps to really imprint the material on my brain. I will carry these around school during the day of the test in order to make sure I am as prepared as I can possibly be, because succeeding in high school leads to succeeding in college and my future career.

Marissa from Washington
High School Senior
Gov John R Rogers High School