Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I prepare for tests by making studying a part of my everyday life.

I’m on my high school’s varsity climbing team, and that often means having practice on the night before a big exam. When that happens, I don’t make excuses. Instead, I take advantage of the opportunity to get stronger and smarter. I bring my flashcards and study guides with me, and read them during the dreaded five-minute warm-up plank. I also quiz myself, while I’m waiting for my turn on the climbing wall, and do pull-ups and push-ups when I get a question wrong.

I’ve been studying Spanish for five years now. So, instead of being tested on individual skills, I’m tested on my fluency. To improve, I set my phone to Spanish, and I read memes and watch videos in Spanish, instead of English. I write down any new words I learn in a notebook. Then, each week, I pick a word to feature on the felt board in my room, so I’ll be reminded of it often. I also find opportunities to communicate in Spanish. I started a group chat, where my friends and I only speak in Spanish, and I made a new pen pal from Spain. She’s learning English, so we take turns teaching each other. I’ve found, teaching her helps me learn, too.

I’ve discovered that I learn best when I’m excited. So, when I have a test coming up on a topic that I’m having trouble getting into, I make it fun by watching documentaries and reaching out to experts. This usually gets me excited about the topic, and it doesn’t feel like studying.

From the gym to the living room, I love to take advantage of unique opportunities to prepare for tests. Studying doesn’t feel like torture when I make it a part of my everyday activities.

Emily from Tennessee
High School Senior
Maryville High School