Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test preparation, its something I take very serious. For me to prepare myself in the best way possible, I need to know about the test in a week in advance. Different test cause for different preparation, but there all similar to each other. For starters I gather all information that I can from the lesson, if I miss information I ask my teacher to fill me in. once I’ve gathered all of my information, I write it down into my study notebook. Writing things down helps me remember more. After writing it down into the notebook, I study it to try and make sure I know what I’m learning and to also make sure that i'm not missing anything. After I’ve gathered the notes and wrote them down, next is to transfer them to my computer as a study guide. I use to use Quizlet to make a study guide or quiz but I soon learned that it wasn’t a good study habit for me because I would input the information and not do good on the quizzes. So now I’ve found a better way, make a study guide in my google slides or docs, and study it that way. Once I’ve put the information into the computer, I begin to study more and the things I need more understanding about I highlight it so that I can go back to it. Once I highlight the topic at hand, I go to the notes or quizzes that we previously did to look over the correct answer and understanding. Once all this is done, IT’S TEST TIME! This particular strategy helps me in the long run because after many attempts of trying different ways to study, they just didn’t help achieve the grade I wanted. After trying this test preparation, I soon realized it help me past my history test, and sociology test. This particular preparation helped me, so I decided to tell fellow classmates and we’ve become a study group. So not only has it helped me, but it has helped others as well. I plan to continue using this test preparation strategy for the rest of my days in high school, and throughout college as well.

Amil from Florida
High School Senior
P.K. Yonge DRS