Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Since I was in elementary school I’ve continued to practice the same studying routine. I learned fairly quickly that the best way to study was through frequent, but relatively short repetitions, with a particular style of organization. For example, in my AP classes I take Cornell style notes, leaving a margin for repetitions in the future. Each night after I finish my homework in one particular class, I quickly review my Cornell notes to refresh my memory of the material. If it is a class with a lot of vocabulary, I use flash cards and practice those every other day when I have the class. In addition to these techniques, once the chapter is over and we plan to have a test, I summarize all of my notes into a google doc as a review guide and look over it a few days before the test. With these frequent repetitions, I can refresh my memory and have plenty of time to memorize and create mnemonic devices prior to my test. I find that reviewing summarized chunks of information is more effective than studying the unit as a whole, especially the night before the exam. I also find that making the review sheet is far more effective because I am able to review concepts that I’ve already memorized via repetitions and quiz myself, rather than reading several pages of notes and reading. I happen to be the kind of learner that can memorize things faster when writing it down myself. For this reason, creating the study guides assists me in memorizing the information faster, and Cornell notes are the best option because I can write shortcuts or additional notes in the margin. Although it may not be a studying habit, I strangely find that studying after eating is more effective. Understandably not everyone can sit down and review notes to prepare for an exam, however I am lucky that I can memorize notes and I recommend that all students try having daily repetitions in their process of finding the best techniques for studying.

Abigail from Connecticut
High School Senior
Bristol Central High School