Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I take studying very seirously. I personally have learning disabilities that can make test studying a challenge for me at times, so I often come up with different strategies to help myself. One of these strategies are my use of the study helper website called "Quizlet." Quizlet helps me a lot with my studying, as I'm more of an audio learner. I use Quizlet's outlets of flash notecards, writing to write answers off of memory, and learning that it would make me choose answers by multiple choice or writing them out. I like Quizlet a lot, and I may not be the only student, who may also think the same way. Without Quizlet, I may have to do a lot of re-reading, which I don't often like to do. Back in high school, I was put in their disabilities program that would teach me strategies on how to study and prepare myself for college. I still use the strategies that I've learned from them. For instance, when I would read text books, I've learned to pay a lot of attention to certain words that are either bold texted, italicized, or quoted. The most alerting signal to me is when words are italicized, for how they look, makes me look back and re-read them. I would write it down. During class, I have accomadations to take notes on my iPad, which I often like to do. I cautiously listen to my teachers to find out what they say is important from the text book, and immediately make a note of that before I forget. When my teachers would schedule a test in the upcoming days, I would immediately take notes from my text book, re-read the notes that I just got from class, and try to make up my own questions about them on Quizlet. When the test is a few days away, I centrally focus on trying to re-read chapters or notes, and put anymore informaiton that I find important on Quizlet. On the day before the test, I give myself time of every two hours. After two hours, I would eat healhty snacks like avacdo toast, and if it's a sunny day outside. I would go outside to excercize to relax myself.

Elisabeth from Delaware
College Junior
Neumann University